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Technology Consulting to give wings to your vision

The speed at which the technology changes and moves up has made it doubly difficult for many organisations to keep up with it. The use of technology is quintessential towards remaining competitive and experiencing continued and sustained growth. And as the technology changes, organisations have to brace themselves to such changes too, as an obsolete technology will probably do more harm than doing any good.

Services Offered

The technology services offered by Petch Consulting cover a very wide area in both the web and mobile technologies. Web technology services include applications development and support, website design and optimization for ecommerce, digital marketing and branding.

Petch consulting understands the difference in the dynamics of the web and mobile technologies. This is why we offer specialized mobile technology solutions that would help our clients to surge ahead of the competition in mobile media. Our mobile application and web design and development initiatives are perhaps the most innovative and market centric.


How are we different from the rest

What makes us different from the other technology consulting organisations is our value proposition and complete services offered throughout the entire life cycle of the application or business activity. Our technology solutions are more suited to the client needs as every technical solution is developed after a complete and clear understanding of the client’s needs. The technical solutions are custom built and include only the features that the client wishes to have. This way the client can keep a check on the expenses of such technical implementations in their business.

Our services are also offered from the start to the finish. This means that our work is nit finished after the successful implementation of the technology. We can stay back and offer support services for the technology that was implemented as well, that is of course if the client wishes to avail them.