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Strategic Consulting: out-of-the-box ideas for sustainable success

Strategic consulting is the core function of Petch Consulting. Strategic challenges are often the most complex and difficult to overcome for any business. Overcoming such challenges often requires out of the box thinking and keen eye for identifying opportunities and gaps in the existing strategies. This is where Petch consulting can help. We can and often do provide a perspective that is simply not possible for the CEO’s and directors to see from within their board rooms. We can thus provide strategic solutions that are practical yet simple and driven by common sense. Such strategic input can be highly beneficial towards achieving full economic potential of a business function and overcome the challenges that may be plaguing it.

The different kinds of strategic consulting we offer

The areas for which we provide strategic consulting include:

  • Corporate Strategy: A good and efficient corporate strategy can help unify and align the different business units of an organisation. This would help the organisation be much more than just a sum of its parts. The set of actions that fall under corporate strategy can help the business units to function as vital parts of a smooth and efficient machine and help the business units in achieving leadership positions in the respective fields.
  • Business Unit Growth Strategy: Business unit strategies revolve around decisions like time and place for any activity like product launch or promotion. It requires extensive geographical knowledge and wider understanding of the forces at play in the market place. An effective business unit strategy is to enable the BU to reach its full economic potential.
  • Sustainability: Sustainability has moved past being just a buzz word in the corporate world. The benefits of socially and environmentally sustainable business are many and although it sounds simple enough, building a sustainable strategy can often be daunting and Petch consultants can help organisations drive maximum benefits by building an energy efficient business and realize the full potential of recycling processes.