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Mobile Web Design for Superlative User Experience

Nowadays, the internet is accessed from a variety of devices ranging from the computer; tablet PC to a smart-phone or simple internet enabled phone. The mobile web is very different from the conventional internet accessed through a computer connected with a cable modem or broadband service. Firstly, the mobile web devices have much smaller screens and may lack the flash and java support available on the desktop and laptop computers. The increasing use of mobile web has made it essential for any organisation who wishes to have its presence on the web have websites that are equally friendly to mobile web device as much as the conventional ones.

It is even more important for ecommerce websites to have a mobile website or an application, as more and more people are now using their smart-phones to view and order products online. The issues of security that arise from mobile broadband are also important to keep in mind and the mobile web design should be robust enough to be hack proof and able to safeguard private and sensitive information of both the consumer and the ecommerce website.

Mobile Web designing at Petch Consulting

Petch consulting are pioneers at developing clean and beautiful websites that are tailor made to be viewed on the smaller touch enabled screens of mobile phones. Petch consulting has developed many websites and mobile applications for ecommerce retailers. We specialize in creating ecommerce website with large product databases. We have a minimalistic catalogue design that the ecommerce companies can implement. This design helps highlight the products in the best possible way. The websites we develop also enable pinch zooming of the photographs and easy navigation of the content. All these content are created without the need of a powerful hardware to view them. This means our mobile websites are light and can be accessed on practically all kinds of mobile devices.