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Now let your customer never leave you!

It is much of a challenge to keep track records of customers across sales, maintain support and follow marketing touch points. We have extensive global experience across industries and can facilitate your company’s need to build CRM programs that will drive customer acquisition retention and cross sell/ up sell opportunities.

The CRM industry has seen a rapid growth of as much as 12% over the previous year. This growth is thrice the average of all other enterprise software. SAP is one of the market-leading CRM vendors and the technology that we understand well to provide innovative and unique services to you.

Petch has implemented open source & Enterprise CRM customization solution to number of small and mid sized organizations. To get the CRM to work effectively, two things are important – the CRM system and the development team who would customize and maintain your system.



Account Management

Contact Management

Activity Management




Sales Management

Sales Forecasting



Lead Tracking

Lead Conversion




Sales Reports

Lead Reports

Forecast Reports


Petch is a leading CRM implementation, CRM customization, and CRM up-gradation company who can be your perfect development team to maintain your CRM system. Evince has indepth knowledge on Online CRMs and Self Hosted CRMs implementation services.

Help them experience the best

CRM aims at delivering the best experience to the customers. We make use of the latest technologies that SAP CRM has to provide and integrate it with technologies like Silverpop and others to help you serve your customers in the best possible way.


Our CRM solutions are delivered as SaaS and are cloud based. Being cloud based makes our CRM accessible to all the users from a host of media apart from the standard PCs. Employees and customers both can access our CRM from their tablets and smartphones and carry out work efficiently outside the boundaries of their physical offices too. Our excellent Facebook integration with SAP CRM means that you can now manage your social presence and reach while also connecting with the customers in ways you never would have imagined. This Facebook integration also allows for more efficient execution of strategies relating to sales, service and marketing, resulting in higher revenue and profitability.

We love it when they love you

Your organization must be aligned around your customer. This is now more important than ever before. The sales, marketing, customer service teams are the vanguard to the customer. Let your human resources teams get equipped with Petch consulting to win over today’s empowered consumers. Petch’s CRM practice has major experience executing CRM solutions within an array of industries round the globe. Our team can be of help to your company on an expansive range of CRM concerns, from sales administration to marketing mechanization to customer support and assistance.