Content marketing

Content marketing

Content marketing? Consider these!

In the era of websites where customers visit companies not on their office address but online portal, it is important that the organization puts its best foot front to impress and close the deal on the first go. Considering that time is a constrain for even the most idle person, the description henceforth of the products and services must be such that it hits the mark and does the desirable work. Here are a few things that need to be considered moving ahead with a content strategy:

  • What types of content should brands work on:

The content prepared must be informative and interactive. It should no doubt cover all aspects of the organization, but at the same time shouldn’t be like a Civics textbook with only heaps of facts and laws. It should be interactive, such that the reader is compelled to move to the end of it.

  • Timing of the content publishing:

Timing plays a vital role. It is sensible to only unveil the stage when the time is right. Considering you are about to talk about the launch of a new product, and you publish its merits way before the product is even ready. The efforts would only go in vain. The publishing schedule must be finalized beforehand, but should be strictly kept strategic.

  • Platforms to publicize yourself:

As important it is to mark a value of your product or brands by choosing to publicize it, it is also important to choose the right platforms to make an entry into. Where social media remains the best of all mediums, there are numerous other websites and blogs that also have a huge footfall. Along with a good content it is also important to handpick a few good and worthy platforms to publish it.

  • Choosing the right content:

It is utterly important that one chooses the right content to describe his product or brand. Content without sufficient information about the product might turn out to be a waste of words and efforts, while another excessively talking only about the product might turn into an over-head transmission. It is important that the content is well balanced with information and interaction.

  • The 80/20 rule:

Since the entire campaign targets at the product’s success, it is important to keep a check that the 80/20 rule is followed. The content should talk 80% about the product- its description, quality, feedbacks from users, etc and further 20% about the other related information, that the customer might find of help to build his trust upon the product.

Finding the right story and timing it is what puts the brand in a bigger picture. Content Strategy is part of the overall strategy for marketing your product online. So make sure you think of building an audience for your product.

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