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Branding- for an image that will dwell in prospects’ hearts

Branding is a very important communication function of any company’s marketing initiatives. It is the branding activities that help build a desirable reputation of any product in the marketplace. Classically, it was achieved through brand positioning and target marketing through conventional media like the television and newspapers. However, the advent of technology has radically transformed the marketplace and any branding practice lacking a sound web and mobile technology driven activity is more likely to fail. Technology and branding are inseparable today and the use of technology can help the marketing efforts reach new heights.

The relationship of branding and technology

Most organisations are now relying heavily on the internet to promote their brands. Internet branding enables an interaction of the customer with the brand that was not possible earlier. The branding is more than just the logos and taglines. There is a real-time interaction of the customer with the brand. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google+ are a few very important places that enable the exchange of one user experience with another. They also act as platforms for the organisations to promote their brand and collect feedback on the user’s experience. Use of viral videos and marketing campaigns can also be associated with building a positive brand image in the public. However, having a Facebook page is just not enough. One has to carry out a lot of activities behind the page that suits the company’s desired brand image.


The Petch Consulting Advantage

Petch consulting understands the online marketplace and the social media better than most. We can help organisations use these tools effectively and seamlessly integrate it with the overall brand and corporate strategy. This would enable the company to draw the maximum benefits out of such brand management practices. Our technology based branding expertise does not just cover a very wide set of industry types, but is also affordable and driven by common sense at the centre.