STRATEGIC consulting

Strategic Consulting: out-of-the-box ideas for sustainable success

Strategic consulting is the core function of Petch Consulting. Strategic challenges are often the most complex and difficult to overcome for any business. Overcoming such challenges often requires out of the box thinking and keen eye for identifying opportunities and gaps in the existing strategies. This is where Petch consulting can help. We can and often do provide a perspective that is simply not possible for the CEO’s and directors to see from within their board rooms. We can thus provide strategic solutions that are practical yet simple and driven by common sense. Such strategic input can be highly beneficial towards achieving full economic potential of a business function and overcome the challenges that may be plaguing it.

The different kinds of strategic consulting we offer

The areas for which we provide strategic consulting include:

  • Corporate Strategy: A good and efficient corporate strategy can help unify and align the different business units of an organisation. This would help the organisation be much more than just a sum of its parts. The set of actions that fall under corporate strategy can help the business units to function as vital parts of a smooth and efficient machine and help the business units in achieving leadership positions in the respective fields.
  • Business Unit Growth Strategy: Business unit strategies revolve around decisions like time and place for any activity like product launch or promotion. It requires extensive geographical knowledge and wider understanding of the forces at play in the market place. An effective business unit strategy is to enable the BU to reach its full economic potential.
  • Sustainability: Sustainability has moved past being just a buzz word in the corporate world. The benefits of socially and environmentally sustainable business are many and although it sounds simple enough, building a sustainable strategy can often be daunting and Petch consultants can help organisations drive maximum benefits by building an energy efficient business and realize the full potential of recycling processes.

TECHNOLGY consulting

Technology Consulting to give wings to your vision

The speed at which the technology changes and moves up has made it doubly difficult for many organisations to keep up with it. The use of technology is quintessential towards remaining competitive and experiencing continued and sustained growth. And as the technology changes, organisations have to brace themselves to such changes too, as an obsolete technology will probably do more harm than doing any good.

Services Offered

The technology services offered by Petch Consulting cover a very wide area in both the web and mobile technologies. Web technology services include applications development and support, website design and optimization for ecommerce, digital marketing and branding.

Petch consulting understands the difference in the dynamics of the web and mobile technologies. This is why we offer specialized mobile technology solutions that would help our clients to surge ahead of the competition in mobile media. Our mobile application and web design and development initiatives are perhaps the most innovative and market centric.

BRANDING technology

Branding- for an image that will dwell in prospects’ hearts

Branding is a very important communication function of any company’s marketing initiatives. It is the branding activities that help build a desirable reputation of any product in the marketplace. Classically, it was achieved through brand positioning and target marketing through conventional media like the television and newspapers. However, the advent of technology has radically transformed the marketplace and any branding practice lacking a sound web and mobile technology driven activity is more likely to fail. Technology and branding are inseparable today and the use of technology can help the marketing efforts reach new heights.

The relationship of branding and technology

Most organisations are now relying heavily on the internet to promote their brands. Internet branding enables an interaction of the customer with the brand that was not possible earlier. The branding is more than just the logos and taglines. There is a real-time interaction of the customer with the brand. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google+ are a few very important places that enable the exchange of one user experience with another. They also act as platforms for the organisations to promote their brand and collect feedback on the user’s experience. Use of viral videos and marketing campaigns can also be associated with building a positive brand image in the public. However, having a Facebook page is just not enough. One has to carry out a lot of activities behind the page that suits the company’s desired brand image.

The Petch Consulting Advantage

Petch consulting understands the online marketplace and the social media better than most. We can help organisations use these tools effectively and seamlessly integrate it with the overall brand and corporate strategy. This would enable the company to draw the maximum benefits out of such brand management practices. Our technology based branding expertise does not just cover a very wide set of industry types, but is also affordable and driven by common sense at the centre.

MOBILE web design

Mobile Web Design for Superlative User Experience

Nowadays, the internet is accessed from a variety of devices ranging from the computer; tablet PC to a smart-phone or simple internet enabled phone. The mobile web is very different from the conventional internet accessed through a computer connected with a cable modem or broadband service. Firstly, the mobile web devices have much smaller screens and may lack the flash and java support available on the desktop and laptop computers. The increasing use of mobile web has made it essential for any organisation who wishes to have its presence on the web have websites that are equally friendly to mobile web device as much as the conventional ones.

It is even more important for ecommerce websites to have a mobile website or an application, as more and more people are now using their smart-phones to view and order products online. The issues of security that arise from mobile broadband are also important to keep in mind and the mobile web design should be robust enough to be hack proof and able to safeguard private and sensitive information of both the consumer and the ecommerce website.


Application Support – for second-to-none performance

Application support is often a neglected activity among the people who avail a service and service providers alike. Most organisations fail to realise that any application that they are using would require tweaks and changes from time to time. This is not just to ensure that it works the way it is expected to work but also to continue being beneficial to the organisation’s purpose of having it.

An application that is developed for a specific use may find a few bugs and crashes, depending on its use on a variety of platforms and environment. These bugs, which are practically impossible to detect before the implementation of the application, are fixed only through a robust and efficient application support service. The application support service is thus similar to an after-sales service mechanism of your car. Without it, you would not imagine to buy one. Application support is similarly important to ensure the usability and efficiency of the application is maintained.

Application Support at Petch Consulting

The applications that are developed for you by Petch consultants come with a promise of equally efficient and alert support service, matching the levels of professionalism you experienced during the application development. We provide support for both the web and mobile applications that are developed by us. Our team of application developers form the majority of the application support staff too, as they move from the development of your application to its support. It is the developers who best understand the application they themselves create. So having them troubleshoot any unforeseen problems is perhaps the best way of ensuring that the bugs are fixed at the earliest. The support service staff shall continue to serve you throughout the entire lifecycle of the product and help you be rest assured that any contingencies are taken well care of by us.